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If you are interested in any of the items for sale from Troopers.Net

please get in touch with me by visiting my email page!


All items for sale here are all guaranteed screen-used originals, unless stated otherwise.


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's true.  If there is ANY item from my collection that you are interested in, drop me an e-mail and we will see if we can work something out!


I am open to trades in certain cases, and my prices will be fair and based on prices I paid for the items myself, with consideration given to current online values and the current production of Starship Troopers III.


Send me a message....what do you have to lose Trooper?


...before it's too late!




This is an incredibly accurate replica of the necklace worn by Mathew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt in the incredible movie Sahara, based on the best selling novel by Clive Cussler!


This necklace took many months to accurately reproduce, and was copied from the original screen-used necklace!  It is made from a combination of rare and exquisite beads, including porcelain, glass, turquoise, amzonite and bone!


It is an exact appearance duplicate of the necklace you see being worn on screen by McConaughey as Dirk Pitt!





This is an incredibly accurate custom-made replica of the VX poison gas pearl seen in the incredible hit movie The Rock.


In the movie, these glass pearls contained a highly lethal poison gas known as VX, which if one teaspoon of it was to hit the floor would be lethal to a hundred feet, but released into the atmosphere would kill every living organism in an eight block radius.  The poison gas would induce paralysis, spine-breaking muscle spasms, and cause the victims skin to melt off...


These replicas are perfectly made to match the original props made for the movie, and just like the originals they contain a harmless green liquid/gel and not a skin-melting poison compound.  The pearls are made of blown glass and are filled with the green liquid gel identical to the screen-used props.  They are identical in dimensions and appearance!


The VX pearl comes in a custom-made display case which keeps it dust free and displays the pearl beautifully!

(you can also tell your friends it protects them from VX release should the pearl be fractured!)








This is the complete all-hero costume worn by Ace throughout the movie. The costume can be screen-matched exactly, with recognisable markings and features on the armor and helmet (see pics for screen match-ups).


ALL pieces are marked ACE and come from one complete original costume - NOT a collaboration of different costumes!


The costume is in AMAZING condition and is a GREAT example of a complete hero MI costume.  It is even more unique as it was worn by one of the principle (and surviving!) characters!







These are the four original screen-used pairs of dogtags worn by Rico, Carmen, Ace and Dizzy.  They are presented in a wonderful protective display case which showcases them beautifully, along with a descriptive plaque and screen-capture pictures!


These are the ONLY hero dogtags to come out of the production, and each photo is accompanied by the actor's original on-set continuity Polaroid photo for authenticity!




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