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All of these props and costumes are original props from Starship Troopers

and are part of one private collection.  Sadly none of these items are for sale

 but if you have any props for trade or sale please feel free to give me an e-mail!


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This is the original HERO Black Fleet combat armor worn by Patrick Muldoon as Zander Barcalow.  Zander can be seen wearing this unique black HERO/"A" grade armor when he arrives to rescue the Roughnecks from the battle at the Whiskey Outpost.  The armor is in excellent condition and is fitted with a silver Fleet Wings pin on the chest, and a pair of Captain rank epaulets mounted to the armor's straps (at the shoulders).  The armor accompanies Zander's 2-piece knifebelt (belt + leg sheathe), which were all worn together in this scene.  You can distinguish the knifebelt as there is NO KNIFE protruding from the leg sheathe.

This is the original set of Mobile Infantry Armor worn by one of the Whiskey Outpost Tower Gunners.  It is considered to be "A"-grade Armor and is EXTREMELY high quality.  The waist vents have been cleaned and opened, the shoulder piece has additional foam padding and the shoulder seams are completely sealed.  The shoulder section has the actor's name "Parke" written inside.  Amongst the Trooper's community, this is regarded as the best set of armor to come out of the production.



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