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All of these props and costumes are original props from Starship Troopers

and are part of one private collection.  Sadly none of these items are for sale

 but if you have any props for trade or sale please feel free to give me an e-mail!


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This is the original HERO Comm Pack worn by Dina Meyer in her role as Dizzy Flores.  This Comm Pack is the HERO Fiberglass version and has the working Light Display panel.  The Red light display panel is activated by a switch on the control panel and is powered by a hidden 9 volt battery.  It is extremely detailed and still has its original antenna.  There are only known to be two or three Fiberglass Comm Packs, belonging to Dizzy, Ace and Sgt. Gillespie.  This pack can be clearly seen on screen, worn by the character Dizzy, during the Klendathu drop sequence and then shortly after in the general retreat.

This is the original Fiberglass pack carried on Klendathu by the FEDNET reporter's cameraman.  It is classed as a HERO / "A"-grade prop and is very highly detailed.  There is only believed to have been one of these made as it is solely used in the Klendathu assault.

This is the original Stunt Ammo pack worn by Ungela Brockman as Corporal Birdie.  This pack was worn in the scenes where Birdie is hit by the Tanker Bug's acid, because they did not want to risk damaging the Fiberglass Ammo pack.  The pack itself is made of rubber and still has the 'remains' on the straps from where Birdie's arm is 'melted' by the Tanker acid.


Here you can see the working display on the Fiberglass Hero Comm pack.  The display is activated by the middle of the three faux switches on the controls.  The display is powered by a hidden 9 volt battery.

Here you can see both the HERO Fiberglass Comm pack (left) and the matching Rubber STUNT version.  As you can see, the HERO version has a much higher degree of detail and precision in its construction, as well as having the working LED display.  The rubber version would be used in both background 'walking' scenes, and also for stunt scenes when there would be a risk of damaging the valuable working hero version.

This is what the various Backpacks look like when worn with the full Mobile Infantry armor outfit.



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