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All of these props and costumes are original props from Starship Troopers

and are part of one private collection.  Sadly none of these items are for sale

 but if you have any props for trade or sale please feel free to give me an e-mail!


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This is a complete original Mobile Infantry uniform costume, worn by Casper Van Dien as the heroic young Johnny Rico.  The costume is made up of a Mobile Infantry Jacket (w/L.T Epaulets), M.I. Pants (w/Suspenders), Black T-shirt, Boots & Knife belt.

Both the M.I. Jacket & Pants have been custom altered for Mr Van Dien.

Both the Black M.I. T-shirt and the Boots have been autographed by Casper Van Dien.

This is a complete original Whiskey Outpost Tower Gunner costume.  The costume was worn by one of the doomed Troopers selected to man the defensive Tower Cannons at the Whiskey Outpost.  Although they survived the battle, the two Tower Gunners were killed by a Plasma bug seconds before they could board the retrieval boat.  This actual Tower Gunner costume was worn by Weapons Co-ordinator Rock Galotti's assistant (Galotti himself played the other Tower Gunner).

The costume consists of a HERO Helmet (w/Visor, MIC & Earscreens), "A"-grade Armor, M.I. Jacket (w/Major Epaulets), M.I. Pants (w/Suspenders), Black T-shirt, Boots, Gloves, Neckring, Knife belt, Morita Clips (2), Grenades (2), Rations pack & Water Bottle.

This is a complete original "A"-grade Medic's costume.

The costume is made up of a Medic Cap / Medic Helmet, Backpack, "A"-grade Medic's Vest, Medic M.I. Jacket, M.I. Pants (w/Suspenders), Boots, Gloves, "Duty Keeper" belt & Water Bottle (knife belt optional).

Occasionally the Medic Troopers wear M.I. armor under their Vest (not shown here).


This is the original light grey Fleet Dress Uniform worn by Patrick Muldoon in his role as the roguish Zander Barcalow.  The outfit consists of Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Tie and a metal Fleet Dress Pin. All are labelled for "Zander". This is the light grey dress uniform for Fleet personel. There is a similar Fleet dress uniform in a darker grey shade - this is the "Pilot's Dress Uniform".

This complete outfit was worn by Zander at the Uni Prom at the start of the movie, before the Troopers set out to war.


This is the original complete costume worn by Lawrence Monoson as the Psychic talent Pavlov Dill, in the hit sequel Starship Troopers 2: Hero Of The Federation.  Due to the low budget of the sequel, each actor only had one costume to last the production.  This costume as such was worn entirely throughout the movie.  The costume consists of Dill's custom black leather jacket with "Dill" name patch, custom MI Pants, boots, T-shirt, Cap and armor gloves.  Each costume piece is labelled for 'Dill' and due to budget restraints this is the only Dill costume ever made.



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