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All of these props and costumes are original props from Starship Troopers

and are part of one private collection.  Sadly none of these items are for sale

 but if you have any props for trade or sale please feel free to give me an e-mail!


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This is an original HERO grade helmet, worn by Casper Van Dien as the heroic Johnny Rico.  Rico can be seen wearing this helmet throughout the movie, specifically during the Klendathu Drop sequence inside the Dropship, then later again at the climax of the movie during the encounter with the Brain Bug.  The helmet is in excellent condition, and you can see that extra time and care went into its production for Casper Van Dien.  The helmet has a Microphone, Ear screens, rubber comfort collar and mountings for a visor.  The helmet is clearly marked "RICO" and "A" inside the dome of the helmet.  There are several places on the helmet where the grey paint has chipped away, revealing the vibrant blue under colour, so it is fair to assume that Casper Van Dien also wore the helmet during the lazertag scene.  The helmet also screen matches the one worn by Casper in that scene.

This is the original HERO grade Mobile Infantry helmet worn by one of the two Whiskey Outpost Tower Gunners.  The Tower helmets were the ONLY two helmets to be actually fitted with the Plexiglass visors.  Although many helmets were fitted with the visor mountings, the Tower Gunner helmets were the ONLY helmets to actually use the visors on screen.  The helmet has a Microphone, Black Ear screens, rubber comfort collar and a Plexiglass Visor with mountings.  There is a large noticeable chip on the left side of the helmet, where one of the 50 Cal. shell casings from the Tower cannon impacted the helmet.  This is a great marking to use to identify the helmet in the movie!

This is an original Team Red helmet from the Camp Currie Lazertag training exercise.  This is believed to be the ONLY helmet that was not repainted after shooting of the lazertag scene and kept its original team-coloured dome.  The helmet is considered HERO / "A"-grade and has a Microphone, Ear screens, rubber comfort collar, Visor mountings and additional foam padding.  The chin strap has hardly been used and appears almost new, suggesting that the helmet was only worn once or twice for the Lazertag scene, and was then put aside.  This is the only Lazertag helmet to survive and as such is EXTREMELY RARE.

This Federal Fleet Pilot's helmet was made by the original prop-maker who made the original Fleet helmets.  It was made from the same materials using the same techniques, and is essentially identical to the screen-used originals.  The Fleet helmet has advanced ear screens and a pilot's MIC.  The front of the helmet has additional armor and a Fleet Wings insignia.

This helmet was originally a background "B" grade M.I. helmet.  I had it restored and refinished in the style of a team blue lazertag helmet.  The helmet has the correct team blue coloured dome, and is fitted with a MIC and ear screens.  It is a perfect match of the helmet worn by Rico, and makes a great partner for my screen-used team red lazertag helmet.  Red Vs Blue!


This is an original spare visor for the Mobile Infantry Helmet.  These visors were cut from production after it was deemed that they obscured the actors eyes too much and caused to many other problems with dust and light reflection.  As such, only 2 were ever seen on screen, being worn by the Whiskey Outpost Tower gunners (as eye protection from the tower cannons).  All other visors were either disposed of or kept as spares.  The visor is made from Plexiglass and fixes inside the helmet with two screws.  Only around 25 of the best "A"-grade / HERO helmets were actually fitted with the mounts to accommodate the visors.  Here you can see the actual Tower Gunner visor and a brand new spare visor (still with its protective blue film).



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