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All of these props and costumes are original props from Starship Troopers

and are part of one private collection.  Sadly none of these items are for sale

 but if you have any props for trade or sale please feel free to give me an e-mail!


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This is it.  This is THE Hero screen-used Sniper rifle used by Seth Gilliam as Sugar Watkins.  This prop holds a special place in my collection, as it has been my "Holy Grail" prop I have been searching for since I began collecting.  In April 2006, I finally acquired it.


This hero live-fire Morita rifle is casing #28, and is fitted with the original Hero sniper scope!  The Morita originally contained a fully-automatic Ruger AC556 machine gun and Ithaca shotgun.  There were only three Sniper rifles produced for the movie.  This was the ONLY one to use a real shotgun and fully automatic machine gun: the other two had fake shotguns and semi-automatic Ruger mini 14's.  Although the real firearms have been removed, the Sniper rifle still has both the working shotgun and machine gun triggers, as well as the internal barrel extension and mounting brackets.


This actual Sniper rifle was retained after production by the movie's armourer Robert "Rock" Galotti, and was placed in his private collection ever since the movie wrapped.  He retained the rifle as it was the best of the three and somewhat 'special'.  I acquired the Sniper rifle directly from Mr. Galotti with great thanks to his assistant Breanna Livie for all of her help.  The prop is accompanied by a signed letter from Mr. Galotti explaining the weapon's use in the movie and its full history.


The rifle itself can be easily screen matched by several small marks, including the fiberglass mould "bubble" at the front above the air vents, and also the chip at the very front of the rifle (above the shotgun pump).  You can see this on the rifle Sugar Watkins is seen attending to when Rico and his friends join the Roughnecks (right before Birdie punches Ace).


This is indeed an extremely rare and very special piece from the movie.  It shall forever be the centrepiece of my collection.


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This is the original STUNT Sniper Morita Rifle used by the character Sugar Watkins, played by Seth Gilliam.  This is the ONLY rubber Sniper Morita to be made.  It was specially made for Seth Gilliam by the film's armourer Robert 'Rock' Galotti.  Seth Gilliam had 3 of the Fiberglass Sniper Morita rifles, which were fitted with full live firearms and the heavy faux Sniper scope.  Every actor was given a rubber stunt version of their own weapon to carry, as the actual firearms could get to be so heavy.  Seth Gilliam never received a rubber version of his Sniper rifle, so without complaining, he hefted the fully loaded fiberglass version.  As a reward for his diligence, weapon's coordinator Rock Galotti specially made a single rubber Sniper Morita for Gilliam to use.  The rifle can be spotted in several background "walking" scenes, as well as for stunts and jumps (like the jump from the ramparts in the Whiskey Outpost battle).  It can be most easily spotted during Sugar's Death scene.  The rifle also has several spots of stage blood on it from this scene.


This is the original Live Fire Morita Carbine, used by Michael Ironside as L.T Jean Rasczak, and then later by Casper Van Dien as the heroic Johnny Rico.  The fiberglass Morita Carbine was originally fitted with a functional live firing Mini-14, which has now been replaced with a static fiberglass Mini-14 casting.  The Carbine is labelled as "HERO-1", and was the primary working firearm for the principle actors.  The prop is accompanied by a notarised letter from the movie's weapons coordinator "Rock" Galotti, confirming the prop's authenticity and use within the movie by Casper Van Dien & Michael Ironside.


This is an original Morita Lazertag Tip.  It is made of fiberglass and would slip over and mask the barrels of a fiberglass Morita rifle to transform it into a Lazertag Morita.  It has a red plastic 'lense' which would fire the coloured lazer beams and incapacitate opponents.

This is an original Morita rifle Flash suppressor.  It is actually just simply a 60 cal Flash suppressor which attaches to the male thread on the barrel of the live fire Morita Rifles.


This is an original Morita rifle shoulder sling.  The sling clips to the Morita rifle casing above the triggers on the back face and again on the rear of the rifle.  It has a sliding sling system so the rifle can be worn 'slung' over the shoulder and then be swung forward into an offensive position by just moving the rifle, and the strap alters its length accordingly.

This is an original "A"-grade Morita rifle clip. This version is a live ammunition-holding clip with a detailed fiberglass casing, which slips around the metal clip.  This is the smaller size clip, but a larger size was manufactured in smaller numbers, which held double the ammunition for longer takes involving more live fire.

This is an original pair of Mobile Infantry Morita rifle Clips.  They are made of foam rubber and are painted green.  They are "B"-grade and are less detailed than the fiberglass "A"-grade clips, which were generally reserved for 'Live Fire' clips which would actually hold live ammunition.  The clips each come with a carrying pouch which fastens with velcro, so they can be worn on the Mobile Infantry armor.


This is an original set of Mobile Infantry Grenades.  These particular Grenades are considered to be "A"-grade grenades, as they have a finished hardened rubber skin and slightly more detail than the "B"-grade grenades (such as a finished paint scheme).  These grenades have their primer caps painted red and are generally in great condition.  They come with a carrying pouch so they can be worn on the Mobile Infantry armor.

These are the original Grenades used by one of the Whiskey Outpost Tower Gunners.  They are considered to be "B"-grade as they are less detailed and of lower quality than the "A"-grade grenades.  They are made of plain rubber and finished with an industrial green colour.  They come with their original pouches so they can be worn on the Infantry armor.



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