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1.  What is the name of the Federal Service known as the M.I. ?


2.  What are the names of the two teams who compete in the Uni High Jumpball game?


3.  What percentage does Johnny Rico score on his Uni Math exam?


4.  What is the nickname/codename for Military Intelligence, to which Carl is assigned?


5.  What is the name of the training camp Rico is enlisted to?


6.  What is the name of Rico's Drill Instructor?


7.  What is the name of the recruit who foolishly accepts the Drill Instructor's challenge?


8.  What is the name of the Jumpball maneuver that Rico uses in the Lazertag exercise?


9.  Who accidentally shoots Breckenridge in the head during the Live Fire exercise?


10.  What Military Document does a recruit sign to quit the Federal Services?


11.  What is Rico's punishment for the Live Fire incident?


12.  What is the name of the Fleet Battle station where the Troopers are stationed?


13.  What does the abbreviation "A.Q.Z" stand for?


14.  What is the name of the planet the Troopers launch their first major offensive against?


15.  What is the estimate rate of casualties according to the FEDNET Report for the battle?


16.  Who is the Corporal in Rasczak's Roughnecks?


17.  What is the name of the Starfighters used to saturate-bomb Tango Urilla?


18.  What bug does Rico blow-up using a grenade?


19.  What musical instrument does Ace Levy play?


20.  What type of Bug lends its name to a Canyon on Planet P?


21.  Who is kidnapped by one of these Bugs?


22.  What is the name of the Outpost on Planet P?


23.  What is the name of the Commanding Officer found hiding at the Outpost?


24.  How many Troopers man the Tower Guns during the battle at the Outpost?


25.  Who is the Sniper in Rasczak's squad?


26.  What field promotion does Rico receive while on Planet P?


27.  According to Watkins, what is the punishment for going off mission?


28.  What weapons do the Fleet Troopers fight with when they crash on Planet P?


29.  How many different promotions and citations does Rico receive during his service?


30.  How many of the Introduced/Named characters survive to the end of the movie?


31.  What was the REAL firearm used inside the Morita rifles?


32.  Who was the professional Armourer on Starship Troopers?


33.  What is the main difference between a Morita rifle and a Carbine?


34.  What is the name given to a prop used by a leading actor?


35.  What are the two main features of an "A"-grade Mobile Infantry Helmet?


36.  What member of the SST Production team has a cameo as a condemned prisoner?


37.  What was the nickname of the full-scale hydraulic Arachnid Warrior?


38.  What was the estimate for ammunition used in production of SST?


39.  Who was the Military advisor & Instructor for Starship Troopers?


40.  What was the official song produced for the promotion of Starship Troopers?






How did you do?




1.  Mobile Infantry

2.  Tesla Giants vs Buenos Aries Tigers

3.  35%

4.  "Games & Theory"

5.  Camp Currie

6.  Sgt. Zim

7.  Breckenridge

8.  Flip-6-3-hole

9.  D'Jana D

10.  Form 12-40A

11.  10 lashes

12.  Ticonderoga

13.  Arachnid Quarantine Zone

14.  Klendathu

15.  100,000 in 1 Hour

16.  Corporal Birdie

17.  TAC Fighters

18.  Tanker Bug

19.  Violin

20.  Hopper

21.  Sgt. Gillespie

22.  Whiskey Outpost

23.  General Owen

24.  3

25.  Sugar Watkins

26.  Active Sergeant

27.  "I think they hang you for that!"

28.  Morita Carbine

29.  Squad Leader; Corporal; Sgt; L.T = 4

30.  Rico, Ace, Carmen, Carl, Zim = 5

31.  Ruger Mini-14

32.  Robert "Rock" Galotti

33.  Carbine has no shotgun

34.  "HERO"

35.  MIC + Brass Earscreens

36.  Ed Neumier

37.  "Snappy"

38.  300,000 Rounds

39.  Dale Dye

40.  Blur "Song 2"




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