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Welcome to the Troopers NET, a fan-created web site dedicated to props, costumes and information about the 1998 hit sci-fi movie Starship Troopers.

Having become a dedicated fan of the movie, I started collecting props, wardrobe, and really anything to do with the movie that I could find!


 I have been collecting for nearly ten years now, and have quite a large collection which I am very proud of.  I have managed to obtain many rare and amazing pieces, such as Ace Levy's Hero Dog tags, a complete costume worn by Casper Van Dien as LT Johnny Rico, and finally, one of the two incredible Whiskey Outpost Tower Gunner costumes!


Please visit my Props page and have a look at some the items in my collection!


All the items featured in this web site are part of one single private collection owned by myself. I am always looking for new SST props to add to my collection, so if you have props you are looking to sell or trade I am always interested, so please get in touch!!


"If you don't do your job, I'll shoot you."


LT Jean Rasczak



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