What is SST?


What is SST?
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Starship Troopers is an epic sci-fi war tale set in the not too distant future.


It tells the story of the human race's interstellar war against a terrifying alien insect specie, known as the Arachnids.


The infested planets are declared a military no-go area, and are designated the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, or the A.Q.Z for short.


But after the bugs launch a devastating surprise attack on Earth the human race is drawn to action: the goal to eliminate the arachnid threat for good.


The Federation sends its elite Mobile Infantry force to the bugs home world, with the objective of cleansing the galaxy of the alien pest.


But the bugs are gravely underestimated by the Military intelligence, with disastrous consequences.


Following the attacks on their home worlds, the bugs return the fight to mankind.


However, the horrifying truth of their intelligence and their plan to exterminate mankind will soon be discovered, to the misfortune of the Mobile Infantry, and the whole human race...










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